Photography documentation

Are you hosting an exhibition or preparing your portfolio for a bursary, a residency, or a university submission? If you are unsure how to document your artwork and properly edit your photographs, we here to help! We also have experience digitizing printed documents to create PDF files for printing purposes. 

Mélissa has professionally documented her own artwork for several years and has helped colleagues by documenting and editing their art pieces as well. 

Regular Rate: $200Student Rate: $125

Includes equipment setup and take-down

A selection of 8 photographs to be edited

Additional Fees: $30 | Additional Fees for Students: $20

Per additional photograph edits (captured by Mélissa)*

* We can also edit photographs captured by other individuals - prices will vary depending on required edits. Please contact us to determine a rate suitable for the service.

  1. Submit a documentation request

Please fill out the following form to describe the photography services you are seeking.


2. Information session

We will contact you to set up a date to document your work, and to talk in more details about the type of photographs you are interested in having done. We will also use this time to answer any questions you may have.

3. receive contract and invoice for deposit

Deposit: 50% of total.

Once the contract is signed and the deposit payment is complete, we will add you to our calendar. The editing process may take between 1-3 months. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are worried about time constraints.



We will e-mail you an invoice that can be paid online via Paypal or e-transfer.


50% deposit will be due upon agreement.

50% payment will be due after approval of the preview images (these will be shared with watermarks), before sending the official files.



Works in order of appearance:

Alicia Hofland - Ottawa-based artist

J. Leblanc - Ottawa-based artist

Rodrigo Tafur - Peru-based artist

The Landscape Within (series), oil on canvas and canvas on canvas, 2018. Agios Ioannis, Crete, Greece.